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[كورس ] الماستر في تعليم الفوتوشوب


[كورس ] الماستر في تعليم الفوتوشوب
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المنتج :phlearn
مدة الشرح: 03 ساعة
  عدد الدروس:22
حجم الملف:1.5G
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If like me you pay outsourcers for graphics then generally they do a great job, however, sometimes we need graphics fast & what we have in mind is not always what’s delivered – that leaves you with a choice of either using a sub standard graphic or waiting for a corrected version to arrive. In doing so we miss opportunities & sabotage our own success. If like myself you have already looked at other Photoshop courses then you’ll probably realise that most are about covering every Photoshop function created in detail & none focused on key functions from which you can build core knowledge – who has $300 spare & 7 full days spare to listen to some guy with a monotone voice drone on about "adaptive wide angles" …. really? I just wanted to know the day to day stuff that’s useful – the rest can be easily built upon.
- محتوى الكورس
Course 1 – Photoshop Essentials
Video 01 – File Types.mp4
Video 02 – Using Images.mp4
Video 03 – Image Cleaning.mp4
Video 04 – Colour Retouching.mp4
Video 05 – Creating Headers.mp4
Video 06 – Gradients-Layers Intro.mp4
Video 07 – Text & Paragraphs.mp4
Video 08 – Layer Styles.mp4
Video 09 – Shapes.mp4
Video 10 – Preset Styles.mp4
Video 11 – Advanced Gradients.mp4
Video 12 – Patterns.mp4
Video 13 – Brushes.mp4
Video 14 – Actions-Reflections.mp4
Video 15 – Organising Layers.mp4

Course 2 – Photoshop Masterclass
Video 16 – Workflow Actions.mp4
Video 17 – Essential Actions.mp4
Video 18 – Smart Objects.mp4
Video 19 – Clipping Masks.mp4
Video 20 – Resources.mp4
Video 21 – Graphics & HTML.mp4
Video 22 – Saving Presets.mp4
Essential Design Toolkit
Masterclass Design Toolkit
Graphics Packs

Home Page - http://psmasterclass.com/
- روابِطُ التحمــيل : 1.5G جيجا

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