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قـالـب بـريـمـيـر : اصدار جديد من حزمة الانتقالات + المؤثرات الصوتية الرائعة


قـالـب بـريـمـيـر : اصدار جديد من حزمة الانتقالات + المؤثرات الصوتية الرائعة 

Handy Seamless Transitions 22125468 Videohive
 Software Version Premiere Pro CC | No Plugin | Resizable | 412 Mb
معاينة مصدر الاضافة
[معلومات عن القالب]
منتج القالب:Videohive
شرح القالب: نعم
فلاتر خارجبة: لا
حجم القالب :412 Mb
شرح طريقة الاستخدام

This is that very seamless transitions pack you are looking for!

Yes! This is the Premiere Pro version of the most popular project on Videohive – HANDY SEAMLESS TRANSITIONS by Videolancer.

Just Drag-and-Drop

Our transitions are very easy to use. Just select a suitable transition and drag it into your sequence.
Please check out this short STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE.
Note! These transitions pack work in Premiere Pro CC.2018 in version 12.1.1 and higher!

Fast presets preview

For each transition, we made a prerender, in order to look at the previews, it was more convenient for you to choose a suitable transition

Resizable to any screen aspect ratios, including for IGTV

At the moment the following formats are included in the project:
  • 4K 4096×3072 | DCI 4K 4096×2160 | 4K Academy 3656×2664 | 4K Flat 3996×2160 | 4K Scope 4096×1716 | UltraHD 3840×2160
  • GoPro 2704×1520 | Scope 2048×858 | Flat 1998×1080 | FullHD 1920×1080 | Panavision 1920×698
  • IGTV 1080×1920 | Square 1080×1080

Note! If necessary, you can use any custom resolution of Transitions. Find out how here.

معاينة الاضافة على اليوتيوب & YouTube

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