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عملاق تحويل الفيكتور لقوالب 3D متحركة للافترافكت [PAPER WORLD] بالإضافة الى أكثر من 300 عنصر فريد ومميز


عملاق تحويل الفيكتور لقوالب 3D متحركة  للافترافكت

 [PAPER WORLD] بالإضافة الى أكثر من 300 عنصر فريد ومميز

What is Included

Awesome Paper Scene Creator with Easy Controls:
Color, Shadow, Perspective Color and More
Focus Change with Slider
Real Parallax and Camera Blur
Many More Options, Control With Sliders
Over 350 Elements in 19 Categories, 160 of Them Animated
Hundreds of Handdrawn Elements
Element Preview List for Easy Search
Use with Any Custom Shapes, Vectors or Animated Elements

Looping Particle Effects
21 Motion Presets
27 Paper Textures
30 Backgrounds
28 Transitions
4 Final Looks, Mix and Match for Stunning Looks
6 Effects, Light Leaks, Dust and More
Continuously Moving Scene Creator
27 Scene Templates

Bonus Pack of 3 Creators

Mini World Creator
Circular World Creator
Layered Element Creator

All These Powerful and Easy-to-Use Super-Tools in One Project!
Free Future Updates. Forever
Fast and High Quality Customer Support
Video Tutorials with Audio and Subtitles. Step-by-Step Playlist

Help File

••[ روابِطُ التَنزيل ]••



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